Apr 27

Why South College is the Right Place for You

Discover what makes South College unique and the best fit for you!

If you are thinking about going back to school or looking for a great college experience, then look no further than South College. Since 1882, South College has provided quality education to students trying to obtain a college degree. Knoxville was where it all began, but in recent years, South College has expanded into Nashville and Asheville as well. Academic programs are offered at varying degree levels and in differing formats to include traditional program models and courses, as well as an online learning approach.

Rich History

In 1882, Jacob T. Johnston began a branch of the Nashville Business College in Knoxville, which was later renamed the Knoxville Business College. Back then, the college was located at the public library building on the corner of Gay Street and Vine Street. Throughout the 1900s, the Knoxville Business College made a few moves and was continuously successful in educating business professionals. As the college grew and new programs were offered, the Knoxville Business College changed its name to South College in 2001 to signify their expansion into other areas of study.

Various Academic Programs

Today, South College offers numerous programs, from certificates to doctoral programs, to accommodate students’ educational and career goals. South College offers some unique programs like the Professional Brewing Science program or the Doctoral of Pharmacy program, which provides students with an insightful, hands-on experience. Health programs are also offered, including Pre-Nursing and Pharmacy, Radiography, Medical Sonography, Healthcare Administration and others; the full list can be found here. The faculty and staff of South College ensure students receive a quality education and experience from all academic programs offered.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Options

Traditional students benefit from the small class sizes at South College, allowing students to get more one-on-one time with professors. South College also offers a non-traditional distance-learning program, allowing students to earn a college degree online. This option is great for potential students who are working a full-time job or are not in travel distance to one of the learning sites. 

South College continues to provide students with quality, hands-on education, allowing them to gain knowledge and skills to exceed in their chosen career path. If you would like to learn more about South College and all it has to offer, click here to find more information. 

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