Apr 11

Tips For How to Ace Your Finals

Use these tips and tricks when studying for your upcoming finals in college!

Finals can be a huge cause of stress in your college career, but with the right preparation, finals can became a walk in the park. Acing your finals starts with a study plan and ends with an A+ on your final. Check out some of our tips on how you can ace your finals. 

Find a study partner or start a study group

Finding a classmate that wants to study can help you be successful on an upcoming final. Studying with other people helps you to verbalize concepts or class material, allowing you to retain more information. Working together with a group to create a study guide can also be helpful with finals that have a lot of information. Google docs are perfect for this type of collaboration. If you don’t understand something, you can ask your partner or group, which will help all of you feel more comfortable about the concept.

Make time and use it wisely 

Making time is crucial to receiving a good grade on a final exam. Take a look at the syllabus your professor provided and plan accordingly. Draft a study plan 3-4 weeks in advance, including study time for seven days before the exam, accounting for breaks and additional activities. Scheduling study time is worthless unless you focus and use your time wisely. Prioritize what you study; if you feel like you have a good grasp on a certain subject, then spend less time on that particular subject and more time on the subjects you feel less certain about. Study hard, don’t multitask and keep your focus! If you do those three things, then you should have no problem acing your final.

Use the right kind of fuel

Pulling an all nighter before a final exam can actually do more harm than good, as well as drinking multiple energy drinks. You should drink plenty of water to hydrate your body so you can maintain a high level of brainpower. Eating fruits is also a great thing to do while you study, as fruits like blueberries are known to reduce toxins and improve memory. Be sure to find some time to give your mind a break so you can retain as much information as possible.

Finals are a crucial part of the college academic experience. Implement these tips before your next final. Good luck! 

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