Jun 22

Student Highlight: Samantha Williams

Current South College student, Samantha Williams, is working towards a degree in our Master of Business Administration Program. Samantha is sharing some of her educational experience with us today.

South College student Samantha Williams is in the Master of Business Administration program and is on track to graduate June 2017. Today, Samantha is sharing some of her journey and educational experience. 

What program are you in, and why did you choose that program?

I am currently in the Master of Business Administration Program. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at South College in 2016.

Did you come to South College after working, raising a family, etc? Or did you come straight out of high school? Describe that journey.      

I spent one year at UT after graduating high school. However, the "big city life" sent this small town girl from Oneida, TN running back home. I had intentions of going back to school eventually but never found myself wanting to take the leap. I worked several retail and restaurant jobs that barely paid the bills. It wasn't until I met the man, who I now call my husband, that I finally decided to go back to school. We would talk and daydream about the life we wanted but knew we couldn't afford. Our conversations always included him telling me "You're too smart to be doing what you're doing. You need to go back to school." It took me five years and a lot of convincing from my husband to finally commit to finishing my education, but it is by far one of the best decisions I have made.

Why did you choose South College? 

I chose South College because of their accelerated programs, small class sizes and career-focused curriculum.

What is your favorite part of your studies at South College? 

I really enjoy that most classes are not straight reading from a book, listening to PowerPoint presentations, taking a test and then moving to the next chapter. The instructors take the time to have class discussions and incorporate real world examples. To me, this makes the material more interesting and puts what I am learning into a better perspective.

What is your goal after you graduate? 

After graduation, I plan to begin studying for the CPA exam. My goal is to have my CPA license by mid-2018 so I can continue moving up within my company.

Do you have any advice for future students who might be in your same position? 

Use your resources! You may never be surrounded by as many resources, opportunities and like-minded peers as you will be while in college. Take advantage of every opportunity that you can.

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