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Student Highlight: Anjali Doshi

Meet South College student Anjali Doshi! She is currently in the Bachelor of Business Administration with Concentration in Accounting program.

Anjali Doshi is a current South College student in the Bachelor’s of Business Administration program with a Concentration in Accounting. After she completes the program, she’s planning to gain experience in the field and eventually open her own accounting firm. We asked Anjali a few questions to learn about her journey to South College and what it took to get here.

What program are you in, and why did you choose that program?

I am currently in the Bachelor’s of Business Administration program with a Concentration in Accounting. I felt that given my personal interests, strengths, and skills, that a career in accounting would be the right choice. Also, I wanted to choose something that had the potential to allow work/life balance in the future as both are important to me. I want to be able to spend time with my kids and focus on their education and activities before they head off to college. Having worked in retail as well as banking, I wanted to find something that balanced constantly working with people versus being an individual contributor. I think an accountant has the ability to enjoy both aspects of this.

Did you come to South College after working, raising a family, etc? Or did you come straight out of high school? Describe that journey. 

I am currently married and the mother of two wonderful boys. I have volunteered and worked at various times in the past while raising my family. I continue to balance my school and home responsibilities which is sometimes challenging, but it’s worth it! Since this is a career change for me, I was very trepidatious at first, but after starting my studies and getting my first quarter under my belt, I am really enjoying my time at South College. Like every other aspect in life, taking the first step is the biggest challenge. Once you do that, things begin to fall in place. 

Why did you choose South College?

In evaluating the different options that were available to me during my search, I felt that South College offered a more personal environment with smaller class sizes and the ability to interact with the professors on a more routine basis. Also, knowing that it is geared towards working adults, I felt that I would find common ground amongst my peers as opposed to other colleges or universities where the student body is primarily kids coming straight from high school. Here at South College, people are there because they want to learn and focus on their futures. It is a great environment. Also, I found that South College allowed me the flexibility of taking courses at my own pace. So, typically, a Bachelor’s in Accounting would normally take about four years, but I’m actually hoping to finish up my degree in about three years. This is great from both a cost and time savings perspective, not to mention I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!

What is your favorite part of your studies at South College?

I think my favorite part of my studies here at South College is the fact that I have access to some really great professors, the flexibility of taking as little or as many classes as I can manage per quarter, and the fact that there are online and on-campus courses that I can choose from depending on my schedule. South College is geared towards making the student successful by offering multiple options in terms of courses and method of delivery. This, along with the helpful and knowledgeable professors and staff, makes South an ideal place for me.

What is your goal after you graduate?

My goal after graduating is to work as an accountant for a few years, gain experience in the field, and then ultimately open up my own accounting firm. Perhaps in the future, I would also be interested in joining South College as adjunct faculty to give back to the education of future students. I have been an educator in the past and have always enjoyed the experience.

Do you have any advice for future students who might be in your same position?

My advice to future students would be to take the first step! Once you get over the fear or nervousness of approaching something like this, then you’ll begin to see how it can really change your future and be motivating. The other practical advice I have is that once you are a student, make sure to stay on top of your work on a daily basis. If you review your material daily, then you will not fall behind and your stress level will not increase. I understand that it could be very difficult to find the time to study and review material daily when we are leading a very busy life, but in my opinion, it is so worth the extra effort to study a few hours a day and keep up with your classes. This way you are always prepared for the next class period. If you end up falling behind, then you have to make a concerted effort to catch up, rather than waiting till the last minute to cram.

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