Jul 13

5 Apps to Make the Summer Quarter More Enjoyable

Make your summer college work easier and better with the helps of these apps.

Summer’s here, and you don’t want to spend all of your time buried in your books. Luckily, there are ways to make studying easier so your summer quarter can be more relaxing and enjoyable. Here are five apps to help you get started.

As a student, you’re juggling countless due dates, events, and meetings. Get more done with this seamless app that keeps track and reminds you of everything that’s on your plate. Any.do lets you create events and tasks, as well as pull in events from Facebook and your phone’s calendar to sync across devices. Stay on top of things so you can make the most of your time this summer. Available for iOS and Android.

Keeping up with notes in class becomes a breeze with AudioNote. Record lectures with the ease of this app so you can go back and listen to them to study later —  that way, you can make the most of commutes and any free moment. Any notes you take while recording will appear in context so you don’t have to struggle to remember why you wrote anything down. Review with ease and retain course material better. Available for iOS and Android.

Studying gets a little bit easier when you can take notes and make flashcards all in one app. StudyBlue allows you to study your own way, wherever you go. Adding images and audio to flash cards is simple so you can learn course material with ease. No matter where you are, no matter what device you have in your hand, SimplyBlue helps you turn any spare minute into productive study time. Available for iOS and Android.

It can be difficult to get started on papers and projects. That gets a whole lot simpler with this app that lets you map out ideas and brainstorm. SimpleMind+ will kickstart your productivity so you go into every project with tons of ideas that will help you excel. It’s easy to use, so it’ll be easier for you to work. Available for iOS and Android.

Staying focused is hard enough, but with the infinite distractions the internet provides, it’s impossible to ever get anything done. Freedom can help you concentrate. You pick what’s distracting you the most and how much time you need to be studying. Freedom can then block apps, websites, and emails that will keep you from what you need to do. Having focused study time will help you study more efficiently and effectively. Available for iOS.

Make studying easier and better with these apps so you can be more confident about your summer quarter. Contact us today to find out more about our summer classes!

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