Masters of Business Administration- Criminal Justice

The Master of Business Administration program with Criminal Justice concentration at South College is committed to preparing business professionals for the unique challenges of the real world. The program is designed to be completed in an online format to provide flexibility and to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. Coursework will be offered using interactive instructional software with an emphasis on collaboration and critical thinking. Plus, an orientation to the program and institution will be conducted online using video capture software. Both a full-time and part-time option is available to allow students the ability to excel both in their present positions and in the classroom.

At South College, students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program with a Criminal Justice concentration will be able to tailor their learning to their long-term objectives and interests through selection of topics in course papers and projects. The capstone course provides a unique opportunity for a thorough investigation of a business dilemma in the business environment, incorporating principles of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, analytics, management concepts and theories, and criminology. Students in the criminal justice concentration will develop strategies to manage criminal justice organizations by applying knowledge of police, courts, and correction subsystems into the capstone course project. This allows students to enhance their understanding and to strengthen their skills in areas unique to their criminal justice focus, which increases the value of their degree and the impact of their learning within the business arena.



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