Bachelor of Science in Health Science

The focus of the Bachelor of Science in Health Science program is to provide a comprehensive health science education to undergraduate students. As a pre-professional program, it is designed to provide the foundational degree for those wishing to pursue graduate education in the pure or applied health sciences or in the health professions, such as medicine, nursing, or pharmacy. For those students who do not go on to graduate study, opportunities exist for positions in the biological, life, and health sciences. Example positions include Food Scientist and Technologist, Biological Scientist and Technician and Chemist and Material Scientist.

The program curriculum provides a comprehensive undergraduate educational foundation through course offerings in the arts and sciences, with a focus on the health sciences. Course offerings are designed to fulfill prerequisites for admission into graduate programs in the pure and applied health sciences and the health professions, as well as for entry level careers in the health sciences.

Graduates will have a variety of choices for future education or careers in keeping with the goals of our program.

  1. The program seeks to assist and support students in developing and carrying out an education and career plan based on an understanding of the demanding requirements for health science education and for a successful career in the health sciences or health professions.
  2. The program seeks to provide students with the academic knowledge, skills and tools to enable them to be successful in graduate program studies.
  3. The program seeks to prepare students to meet expectations for self-directed and lifelong learning and ongoing self-assessment.


Serve the community by developing your ability to meet the needs of your patients and improve their overall quality of life.


Experience hands-on learning outside the classroom through clinical practice.


Advance your career by earning a bachelor degree.

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Consumer Information: Amounts for tuition, fees, books, and supplies are subject to change. The information included here is estimated for a full-time student.* South College follows the required methodology provided by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for the reporting of employment information for graduates. This information is compiled on an annual basis and submitted to the Commission by October 15 each year for graduates during the most recently completed reporting year (July 1-June 30). For more detailed information related to the calculation of graduate employment rates, please click here.