Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (K-5)

The Bachelor of Science (BS) program of study offers an academic major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Development and Learning of the Child and Young Adolescent. Successful completion of the major leads to the BS degree and an initial Tennessee (TN) Elementary Education K-5 license. The major is a comprehensive program of study that includes a general education core, the academic major, and a professional education core for the development of candidates who will become exceptional instructional leaders with the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions and commitments necessary to help all students learn.

In addition to college educational experiences, the Interdisciplinary Studies in Development and Learning of the Child and Young Adolescent major capitalizes on inquiry to advance candidates' professional growth and career opportunities and to cultivate their ability to think critically, to communicate effectively and to apply knowledge wisely. Through contemporary modes of delivery, the innovative and research-based curriculum exposes candidates to diverse perspectives and skills essential to independent and continuous learning.

Candidates experience sequential field experiences, professional development workshops, and a clinical practice in enhanced student teaching. Candidates provide assistance to classroom teachers, participate in student tutoring, provide classroom instruction and assessment, monitor their impact on student learning, and participate in school improvement planning and action research. During clinical practice, candidates experience an in-depth exposure to K-5 teaching and learning that includes collecting and analyzing data to demonstrate the effect their teaching had on student learning.

Each candidate must successfully complete two student teaching placements for a total of 16 weeks of full-time student teaching in grades K-3 and 4-5. Student teaching placements near the candidate's residence are attempted but cannot be guaranteed. The first placement, Placement I, must be successfully completed with a grade of Pass, to receive approval to advance to the second placement – Placement II. Placement II must be successfully completed, with a grade of Pass, to be eligible for a scheduled Portfolio Presentation and Program Exit. Candidates complete their program of study with a Portfolio Presentation and Exit Interview to demonstrate achievement of candidate learner outcomes. The academic major, Interdisciplinary Studies in Development and Learning of the Child and Young Adolescent, meets unit, state, and professional standards.


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