Apr 26

Knoxville Summer Programs

Classes begin June 5 and run through July 18 

South College’s updated summer program makes college courses more accessible to students from other colleges and universities who are home for the summer. Courses offerings will begin June 5 and end July 18 to accommodate varying academic schedules. It is only available at our Knoxville location.

Each class is 4.5 credit hours to accommodate both quarter and semester systems. For $500 per class, visiting students can enroll in:

  • English Composition
  • General Psychology
  • Beginning Spanish
  • Critical Thinking (Humanities)

We want to allow more students the opportunity to participate in fast-paced, focused course so that they can earn the credits needed to progress them toward graduation.

Students who plan to participate in the South College summer program should complete an online application through the enrollment portal. South College will waive the enrollment fee for students visiting from outside institutions. For more information, contact the South College Admissions Department at 865-251-1800.