Feb 28

4 Ways to Spend Your College Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect time to take a trip, relax or catch up on schoolwork.

Spring break is the perfect time to take a trip, relax or catch up on schoolwork. College students all across the country look forward to spring break and migrate towards bodies of water throughout the country. This blog gives some ideas of how you could potentially spend your spring break if you have trouble deciding what to do!

Take a road trip

Going on a road trip around the country has endless opportunities. You could go to all of those big cities you’ve wanted to visit or you could go to all of those national parks you have been dreaming about. See a different culture and experience the beauty of other places. Assemble a group of friends and hit the road, you won’t regret it! Taking advantage of your time off to travel the country would be a great experience.

Find a cruise or resort

Going on a cruise or finding a resort in an exotic location is another great way to spend your time off. You can find some great deals by looking at different travel websites. Set a budget, make a plan and start your search. It’s nice to give yourself a break and use this time to vacation with friends, family or even by yourself.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Get outdoors! Tennessee and North Carolina are fortunate enough to have a beautiful national park right in their backyard. It’s nice that it is so close. Taking a weeklong adventure along the Appalachian Trail could be a great get-away from the everyday life. Go alone or go with a group, but be sure to prepare. Bring appropriate camping equipment, food supplies, water purifiers and other hiking related gear. The spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the Appalachian Trail due to the mild temperatures. Lace up those hiking boots and take in the nature!

Do nothing

This option has the potential to be as fun or even more fun than the previous three. Take a break from school, relax at home or catch up on all of those things you’ve been neglecting during the hectic times throughout the quarter. Whether you are watching Netflix, catching up with friends and family or sleeping, sometimes nothing can be one of the greatest things. 

If you do plan on taking a trip for spring break, be sure to think ahead. The later you plan the trip, the less expensive and easier if will be to prepare. Not sure what days we will be off? Take a look at the academic calendar.

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