Mar 14

South College Announces $10,000 Grant to Transferring Aquinas College Students

South College will be present on the Aquinas campus this week for students to meet and discuss their transferring options.

South College is excited to welcome Aquinas College students!

Recently, Aquinas College announced its disbanding of all college majors except for education. South College’s Nashville Learning Site was approached by Aquinas College to work with its students to aid in their transition from Aquinas and complete their studies.  South College will now offer transfer grants and aid to Aquinas students totaling more than $10,000. South College will be present on the Aquinas campus this week for students to meet and discuss their options.

Transferring students will be eligible for a $10,000 transfer grant regardless of chosen major. Students will also receive waived application fees and a complimentary nursing kit and uniform, if applicable. The South College Aquinas College Transfer Grant totals $10,000 for one calendar year and is disbursed equally ($2500) over four quarters.

Aquinas College transfer students receiving this grant must attend South College full-time with continuous enrollment through the first four quarters and earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 for each of the four quarters in the award period. Eligibility for this grant is determined on a term by term basis. Eligible students must begin classes at South College no later than fall quarter 2017.

South College is a Tennessee Promise and Hope Scholarship eligible institution. Students transferring will experience a simple process with an advisor that matches completed courses to the South College curriculum.  

“South College is honored to welcome the Aquinas students. The Aquinas administration reached out to us to help their students complete their degrees and make the transition as smooth as possible. We understand Aquinas students will be anxious in making a move. Our goal is to keep these students moving through their programs and graduate on-time,” said Steve South, President of South College.

Additionally, South College will host an event for Aquinas students on March 28, 2017 at the Nashville Campus on Marriott Drive. The event will provide Aquinas students an opportunity to personally meet with an advisor to discuss transfer credits and the $10,000 transfer grant. 

Information on transferring to South College can be found at Kristy Lesnock, Director of Admissions at the Nashville Learning Site, can be reached at or call her directly at 629-802-3000.

See South College Admissions for more details.