Apr 13

Meet Charlie Lee: South College Nursing Graduate

Learn why Charlie Lee chose South College

After getting laid off from his factory job, Charlie Lee went back to working in retail. It wasn't until his grandparents became terminally ill and he began helping with hospice care that he found his true calling. 

"It was not something I needed to learn to do, it was something I was suppose to do," Lee said about becoming a nurse. "After 38 years it was just something that was kicking in."

After earning his associate degree in allied health, Lee transferred to South College to earn his bachelor's degree. He said that the professors at South College would go above and beyond to help a student with whatever they need.

"They are very approachable and will make an appointment with you anytime," Lee said. "They will give you study tips and (tips on) how to do (things) better."

When asked about his favorite aspect of the nursing program, Lee said he loves to go to clinicals. He said he enjoys being hands on with the patients and learning from the nurse they are paired with each quarter.

With six total quarters spanning the different medical facilities in the Knoxville area, students are paired with a nurse and gain hands on experience in a hospital setting. The later quarters are when students begin to decide their specialty. Lee said he particularly enjoys emergency medicine because of ever changing cases and patients that walk in each day. 

Lee said he feels the South College nursing program has prepared him for a future in nursing because it focused on hands-on learning. 

The South College accelerated nursing program gives adults an opportunity to pursue their dreams at an accelerated rate like Lee. To learn more about the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, contact us today! 

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