Dec 15

4 Reasons You Should Get a Tutor

Discover four reasons why tutors are beneficial to college students.

The unfortunate stigma surrounding tutoring is the false presumption that those who seek out tutors are unintelligent or in need of remedial help in a specific subject in order to pass. The truth of the matter is that tutors hold an integral role in the educational process, and they can be attributed for the success of countless students.

Not only that, a tutor is often still a student or professional heavily involved in a subject on a regular basis. Unlike some professors, who must prepare material for a variety of students, a tutor knows a student’s individual needs.

Here are a few of the reasons tutors add such a benefit to students in supplementing their education.

Grades Increase

Let’s begin with the obvious. With a continuous study coach and diligence as a student, your performance and efficiency in the classroom has only one projected path: upward. By setting aside time with a tutor, students are often more motivated to succeed, they naturally spend more time and attention on projects, and they develop beneficial routines for approaching their work. 

Personalized Attention

One of the long-standing traditional formats for education is the personal teacher-student relationship, because it has been effective for years. With a singular attention on one student, progress comes along at the right speed.

With surprising frequency, students will rush through course material and find themselves buried in the complexity of foreign concepts, or get caught lingering on foundational ideas which leads to the feeling of being behind. A tutor sets the pace for picking up difficult class material, and establishing comfortability with new processes and difficult concepts.


In terms of health, finding a proper tutor can give you a three-fold boost:

  • Mentally - Students flex their mental muscles. They are challenged in a comfortable risk-free environment.
  • Emotionally - Confidence and self-esteem are boosted, leading to more determination during tests and discipline in studying.
  • Physically - The routine built in by blocking out study and tutor time breaks down stress caused by procrastination and indecision, allowing students to unwind during free time, sleep properly and exercise.

Added Knowledge 

Gaining knowledge may seem self-explanatory, but the added value here is substantial. The pursuit of knowledge and real-world experience is the reason many of us attend college. It’s the overall goal of obtaining an educational degree. The particular benefit of the tutor is in helping a student to not just learn new concepts, but also to retain them. Often, students merely memorize answers or important terms instead of learning how they function and interact. A tutor helps push past simple memorization and into full understanding.

South College’s tutor program ensures that students have the resources they need to be successful in the classroom. Through the Writing Lab and Math Lab programs, peer student tutors and faculty, there are plenty of available during dedicated sessions. Detailed times are available in the libraries and reception areas.

Beyond just English and math, students can request a tutor in one of three ways:

1. Complete a “Tutor Request Form” and submit the completed form to Ms. Jennifer Ridgeway.

2. Ask your instructor to complete a “Tutor Referral Form” and submit the form to Ms. Ridgeway.

3. Navigate to the Student Services webpage on Moodle, scroll down to the “Tutoring” section, and complete the tutor request, electronically.

We encourage students to take advantage of the extra guidance available, or to offer services to fellow students by getting involved as a tutor! 

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