Feb 9

4 Interview Tips to Help You Land a Job After College

We’ve put together four tips to help you get the job you want after college.

You’ve just graduated and have an interview lined up, but you’re freaking out a little. Does this sound familiar? The key is to relax! Even the person who will be interviewing you has been through the same process. We’ve put together four tips to help you get the job!

Do some research on the employer and job opportunity

You don’t want to skip this step, especially if the first question is why you are interested in working with the employer. A strong foundation of knowledge is important for any interview. The employer’s website is a great resource for gaining more knowledge and discovering things like the mission statement, the type of people who work there and the requirements of being an employee.

Take a look at common interview questions

Being unprepared for an interview can be a huge red flag for your potential employer. Take a look at some common interview questions online and practice your responses to those questions. Also, factor in if it will be a one-on-one interview or a group interview, as this is a great piece of information to know for preparation. As you come up with responses, don’t memorize each one. Instead, come up with talking points to make your responses sound more natural. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Ask insightful questions during the interview

Many candidates skip this step, but this is crucial. Almost every interviewer asks “Do you have any questions for me?” during an interview. Make sure you have a few in your back pocket! Asking questions will show your interest in the job, which is a key judgment employers use to make decisions. As you do some research in preparation for the interview, be sure to jot down some potential questions you could ask or something you would like to learn more about. Even if you think the interview has provided you with all the information you need, you shouldn’t leave without asking the interviewer a question.

Make a good first impression and be memorable

Your first impression is important, and it’s something that you can’t redo, so you want to make it as good as possible. Multiple people may be interviewing for the same position, so you want to stand out amongst your competition. Be sure to dress well, arrive early, make eye contact, be polite and most importantly, be yourself. A positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm will go a long way.

Put these key insights into action while preparing for an interview, and you might just increase your chances of landing that job after college. 

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