Dec 20

3 Ways the College Environment Is Changing

The “traditional” student is not the same as it once was. These are the three ways the college environment is changing and shaping our future.

As time continues to go on, college students are seeing a formation of new trends in the college environment. The conventional student type of 18-23 year-olds coming straight into school is harder to recognize as colleges welcome more diversity into their establishments. As the college environment shifts, the “traditional” student is not the same as it once was. These are the three ways the college environment is changing and shaping our future.

 1.     Career Tides Are Changing

Aside from obtaining a traditional bachelor’s degree, a lot of students are now completing other programs that don’t require four years of education. There are great jobs available by acquiring a certificate or associate’s degree. Additionally, some colleges offer specialty programs that will adequately prepare you for many positions. Overall, education isn’t as black and white as it once was. College programs and career opportunities are more diverse, which gives students more flexibility in choosing their career paths.

 2.     Classes are Going Digital

Technology serves as a crucial resource in the modern day college environment. Though years ago, papers were written on a typewriter and research had to be done in the library, the new digital age is making information more accessible then ever. Not only is technology being utilized in the classroom, but it also allows students to gain college credits, or even degrees, without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Online programs are becoming a more popular alternative to the traditional way of teaching, which gives students more flexible learning options that work around their everyday schedule.

 3.     Non-traditional is the New Traditional

According to the Educause Review, more than 60 percent of students enrolled in college are now over 25, and more than 60 percent of students are now working full-time while pursuing their education. As times are changing, colleges are starting to better cater to the needs of older individuals who are searching for new career opportunities or attaining new credentials. Since non-traditional students have many other responsibilities and obligations, colleges have created specialty programs and online resources that better meet the need for these older students.

As the most diverse generation, millennials are starting to see a shift in the college environment. Higher education is becoming less traditional, so it is necessary for students to keep themselves informed with the different opportunities college institutions are offering. If you are interested in what programs South College offers, learn more about our specialty programs and degree opportunities here:

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