Student Services Information

Health and Safety
Information about our school security policies, crime statistics, crime logs, fire safety policies, fire statistics, and our fire log can be found in our Jeanne Clery disclosure of campus security policy and campus crime statistics report.

Disability and Other Services
Information regarding our disability and other services can be found by clicking here.

Security Alerts
In the event of an emergency, our alert system will be enabled and students will be contacted through this system. More on this system can be found by clicking here.

Voter Registration for Students
United States citizens who are students of voting age can find voter information specific to their state of residence while attending school by clicking here.

Drug and Alcohol Policies
Policies regarding drug and alcohol use can be found in the South College Student Handbook; please click here.

Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions
Policies regarding copyright infringement and sanctions regarding violation of those policies can be found by clicking here.